Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Pleasure Music"

I love coming across "creative English grammar." Having learned a second language I have had my share of funny mistakes and I do sympathize with those who have English as a second language. I recently received a free pedometer (15,830 steps so far today!!) and decided to look at the directions after I had it put together. The instructions were in English only and I didn't come across anything that said "Made in Hong Kong" or any other country on the device. Here is just a sample - as written:

"The paces are detected via the Movement of waist Mounting. Attach the pedometer to your waist band or belt, you will enjoy pleasure music or get news when climbing mountain or walking."

"...please change the battery when the LCD screen black or can't clear voice of radio, if the device is not working, please take out battery after 3 seconds, please fix battery again, it will be work properly."

"Don't use it in too low temperature condition, Maybe it affect its work of step count."

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Anonymous said...

personally, I don't see what wrong language with used. -J