Sunday, October 11, 2009

100th Post

Thanks to ll who replied to my last post. I had really good suggestions from my last post and it was hard to pick just one, but it gave me ideas for future posts.
My 50th post was dedicated to things that I was grateful for, so go ahead and check it out.
I was afraid if I blogged on 100 people I could kill. I wouldn't want someone googling their own name and coming upon my blog.
I like my sister's idea, but I stopped around 28 of awkward moments. Maybe some future posts.
A major shout-out goes out to Heather and I dedicate this post to her. May you bask in the warm fuzzies from afar, Heather.

And for Rachel, here is the list of my favorite numbers from 1-100.

100 Reasons to Visit Me.

24. It's me!! Is there any better reason?

8. I MISS YOU!!!

80. Carlsbad Caverns is less than a few hours away. Camping! And bats (best seen during summer)!

99. Franklin Mountains State Park (America's largest urban state park). Good place to have a picnic at some overlooks with really good views. When I first saw it, I joked it was the "make-out point" of El Paso on the weekends.

15. Only 11-12 hours from California!! I'm not that far away. It's like driving to Utah, but you save more on gas.

12. We will laugh. Oh, yes. We will laugh.

18. You miss me.

21. You need to try something new.

16. One year until I'm deployed. The clock is ticking.

36. Lincoln National Forest (NM). Get my "tree" fix.

92. You can get lots of ideas for "desert landscaping"

34. Less than 6 hours away from the closest In n' Out (Arizona)

1. Old Mesilla Village

77. I have an extra bedroom and bathroom. Better than the Hilton, no? Well, maybe not.

33. Petroglyphs!!

43. I think El Paso still gets more water than Southern California. It may not be as "desert-ish" as you think.

49. Blue sky! I don't see very much smog.

27. Photo scavenger hunt (I love Heather's 100 photos of Texas idea, need to break out the camera!)

66. The weather has been in the 70'! And 40's, than 60's. Maybe 70's tomorrow. This was all this past week.

20. Albuquerque is less than 4 hours away, would make a good day/weekend trip.

28. Gas is cheaper here than in California.

3. Hueco Tanks State Park

54. You only have to drive on one freeway to get here (if coming from California). Yay for I-10!!

22. Home of the Sun Bowl!

37. The Aerial Tramway. I haven't even done the one in Palm Springs yet, this might be a good ride.

75. El Paso Museum of Art

2. Ysleta Mission - first established in 1682.

88. Minor League Baseball team : the Diablos.

100. An outlet mall that's pretty close. Plus there's at least 3 other malls in El Paso.

14. Lots of Latin music at YSA dances.

81. You can watch the sunset over two states and two countries

10. Avila's Mexican Restaurant

4. Good mountain biking (I have heard).

25. Good salsa.

50. You can walk some of the same roads Billy the Kid walked in Las Cruces, NM.

97. Albuquerque temple

23. Many of these places I haven't been to yet, we can explore together!

76. White Sands National Monument

31. It is possible to snow in El Paso (but not enough that you have to worry about shoveling the sidewalk).

64. I'll make you cookies. Maybe even a pie.

5. Good stopover to visiting other cities in Texas. Dallas and San Antonio are about 8-9 hours away. There's not much in between them and El Paso, believe me.

65. Lots of hiking opportunities.

69. Have you ever been this close to Mexico?? Sorry I can't cross the border with you.

44. Ciudad Juarez temple (sorry, can't go with you there either).

17. The night janitor is concerned for my social life. Having an out-of-town visitor may motivate me to procrastinate finishing my notes a little.

61. BlueBelle Ice Cream

77. Some bands/singers do actually come to perform in El Paso. So far since I've been here, there's been Brittany Spears, Parachute, and Kelly Clarkson, David Cook, Manheim Steamroller, and Third Eye Blind are coming in the next few weeks.

55. Hobby Lobby (crafts/home accents store - usually has good sales).

26. Just 40 minutes from the Land of Enchantment -- New Mexico!!

90. You can stop in Phoenix on the way here from California. It's a good half-way point.

3. Taco Cabana: 24 Hour Tacos and good rotisserie chicken.

60. Will you ever see a Wal Mart parking lot with more cars from Mexico than from Texas?

13. Home of the National Border Patrol Museum

86. It's Sun City, USA. Famous for an average of 302 days of sunshine throughout the yar.

9. A huge Cinco De Mayo festival

39. El Paso is the 21st largest metropolitan area in the United States.

6. How many people can really say that they've been to El Paso?

19. It's on the way to Houston, New Orleans, Florida, and a bunch of other places.

58. I have a nice view of cactus from my balcony. Lots of it.

96. UTEP (University of Texas El Paso) makes it a college town, I guess. Go Miners!

78. Lots of men and women in uniform.

7. Awesome lightning storms.

47. Tax free shopping at the Post Exchange (like a Target/WalMart) and Commissary (grocery store on post)!

59. I may actually be motivated to cook some real food.

41. Excuse to visit the largest state in the continental United States

89. There's a cool star that lights up on the mountain. It just happens to be the world's largest illuminated star.

67. Ruby's BBQ. Has some really good BBQ sauce. There's also a Famous Dave's that I still need to check out.

86. When I'm standing in line at the grocery store, people seem to be very chatty here.

11. Annual Amigo Airshow held at Fort Bliss.

73. Have you ever seen a volcanic crater? Well, now you can.

51. Since it's in the Mountain Standard Time Zone, television shows come on one hour earlier = a. better chance of catching your favorite show, and b. Getting to bed earlier.

79. Delta offers some of the cheapest, non-stop flights from Salt Lake City.

84. I recently discovered a place that sells frozen custard. I haven't seen one of those places since college.

83. Annual Wine and Jazz festival in Las Cruces.

43. Stephen's Hot Cocoa and a lot of imported German treats are available at the commissary.

30. You might be inspired if you watch "Glory Road"

45. There's a couple of scenic drives around El Paso, including a road known as "Scenic Drive."

32. Transmountain road is kind of fun to drive.

70. I live in a safe neighborhood.

29. 6th largest city in Texas!

35. You know you want to.

40. I have MREs available to use for any spontaneous camping trips.

52. Time to catch-up on your life.

63. I won't be making it to California for November.

72. You're missing out on all of my craziness.

82. You need a vacation.

95. I need to see some familiar faces.

38. Good, clean fun! But I don't mind get a little dirt on my clothes either.

42. I haven't had much bad traffic experience here in El Paso (then again, I leave for work at 5:10 in the morning).

56. Free hugs!

62. You can mark "Texas" off of your list of life-long goal of states to vist.

85. There's a Spanish radio station that plays a variety of English rock and alternative songs that you don't hear as often.

98. Carpe diem!!

68. I'm running out of reasons, but there really are more...

78. Complimentary sopapillas at Mexican restaurants. I have never seen that before.

46. Guadalupe Mountains National Park

74. "El Paso is like a big ugly wart, but it grows on you." -- Brother Jessop

87. I have hope for some wildflowers in the spring.

93. You can get your "Jennette-ic" fix.

48. Big Bend National Park

87. Time spent with those you love is the best investment.

94. El Paso is not really a tourist trap.

91. There's actually a Vietnamese restaurant in El Paso. How's that for culinary variety?

53. You can put your sunblock to good use.

71. Adventure awaits you!

57. Did I mention that I miss you?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ideas, Anyone??

I'm approaching a big milestone in my blogging life...the 100th post. I was wondering if there was a special topic I should do to commemorate my 100th post like I have seen other people do. Should I do 100 random facts, top 100 of something, post a question and get 100 comments (I like comments), etc...etc...?? Let me know and the one I choose will get a free mug. Well, maybe not, but at least a shout-out and maybe the respect of random strangers thinking, "Good one..."

Please comment, please...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welcome Home

Here's some updates and randomness from the past couple weeks. I know, I've been slackin'.

* I made the 8.5 hour drive from San Antonio to El Paso on a pure sugar rush consisting of IHOP Nutella crepes for breakfast and a blue coconut creamfreeze from Sonic's when I reached my halfway point at Fort Stockton.

*When I got back, I wasn't sure if I was in El Paso because it was 74 degrees. I love coldfronts. Then I tried to re-program my radio stations, and sure enough, I was back in El Paso. One weird thing was that I found a Spanish station that occasionally plays some English alternative. Was that Pearl Jam that was just on?

*On a low note, when I got back I found out that my credentialing was not finished. I was told it would take another week before the next credentialing meeting. I was a bit disappointed. Then, 2 days before said credentialing meeting I found out that it would be another 3 weeks. I think I replied, if not shouted in my head, "You've got to be kidding me!!" "But you have a lot of stuff to do right?"said the lady in charge of my credentialing. Ummm, that's what I've been doing this past week. Why is it taking 3-4 months to get this done?? Needless to say, I was having feelings that were less than charitable to credentialing lady. Might I add, that I've never seen this lady in person? She's never there! Oh well, I guess I just have to continue to "flexecute."

*As part of my "flexecuting" I've started organizing the weekly medic training classes. My last one was on sore throat, and this week, by popular demand, it's sexually transmitted diseases. I have to alter my STI powerpoint presentation for a third version. Hopefully it will go over well.

*I have started doing sick call in the mornings. It stinks a little that I can't even write a prescription for something like Motrin. Tomorrow will be pretty busy since we get a lot of soldiers with post-weekend-itis. One of my partners likes to drug-test the repeat visitiors, especially those who come in on Monday mornings and it seems like the weekend had been a bit hard on them. Good idea. I'm still trying to learn the ways of chewing out soldiers who do dumb things. This may take some time. I did show less mercy on a private who was complainingg of coughing while exercising and at night after a cold two weeks ago. My prescription: Stop smoking!

*I do have my own office now! Complete with my name on the door. Oh, and I have my own stamp too. That one came at a cost. I think the lady in front of me was starting her own business and decided to order about 7 stamps and it took about 40 minutes.

*The first day I reported back, my commander said that he wanted to give the next Friday off to get some things done. I thought, okay, sure. After I found out that my credentialing will take a bit longer, I asked for an extra day off and changed the destination on my pass form. I got a plane ticket to California and flew in Thursday night. One of my first stops after I arrived was of course, to get an In n' Out animal style cheeseburger. Much of my weekend was spent attending the annual California Academy of Physician Assistants annual conference (couldn't believe this was my 6th time going) in Plam Springs. There were some good lectures, good advice ("Deep down, everyone wants a rectal exam."), brushed up on my suturing skills, cheered for USC as they won the College Bowl, and saw some good friends and former classmates that I had not seen in over a year. I was also very fortuante to spend most of my weekend in air conditioning, since it was over 100 wherever I went.

*I recognized the big difference between Texas drivers and California drivers: Speed. Californians like it. I had not driven that fast over the speed limit in a long time.

*After the conference I would drive back home and spend the rest of my waking hours visiting with friends. It was so good to see so many faces. I don't know how I know so many awesome people. The five hours of sleep every night was defiantely worth it. On my last day in California I stopped by the DeMaria quads. I can't believe they're walking!

Busy day tomorrow, and I have a mosquito with a death wish to take care of.