Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Words of "Experience"

This weekend a friend and I drove through the town of Daggett to get some awesome shakes at Peggy Sue's Diner. The name of Daggett reminded me of the familiar expression of my parent's, "dagnabbit," and I used it as I thought we had missed the diner. In honor of my mom's recent birthday, I want to share some other words (most of them exclamations) of "experience."
I'm trying to refrain from the term "old fashioned."
If you have parents/relatives/friends that have other "words of experience," feel free to share them. Here is just a sample. Please forgive the spelling, as I don't come across these words very often:

shiminey louise (one of my favorites)
for the birds
golly willickers
Holy Toledo!


Mitchell4 said...

Good job Jennette. I think you covered all of them. Awe the memories.

Nicole said...

Helena handbasket is one my neighbor used to say...apparently a city in Montana.

Amanda said...

My least favorite EVER expression comes by way of my daddy-o 'Jimminy Christmas'
I seriously hate that one.