Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A VERY random thought

Okay, I just had a random "light-bulb" moment about 5 minutes ago. As I was getting my last drink of water before bed, the words of the theme song to the 80's sitcom "Mr. Belvedere" popped into my head for no apparent reason. It has been years since I last heard that song. But what surprised me was that I finally understood the first line - "The STREAKS on THE china - never mattered before... who cares... When you dropkick your jacket as you come through the door, no one glares..." For YEARS I never understood the first line, I thought it was talking about the STREETS down in China, like Beijing. It all makes sense now!! Wow!

I just thought I would share that. Am I just weird or do other people have random moments like that also?? Anyone care to share one?


Rachel said...

The STREAKS on the china!!! That's what they're saying? Totally makes sense. And I'm with you. In fact, when you said the song was running through your head I instantly started singing, "The streets down in China..."

Mitchell3 said...

Hahahaha Only you Jennette would think/remember. Thanks for the laughs. Love you.

Ms. Liz said...

I get whirlwind Chris Farley moments now and then. Like the other day I was trying to negotiate some sales tax data from Fresno and all of a sudden I thought "El NINO is Spanish for..... THE NINO"and then proceeded to giggle for about 10 minutes straight.