Saturday, March 29, 2008

5th post = 5 things that made me smile this week

To commemorate my 5th post, I'm including 5 things that made me smile this week. I did smile more than 5 times, by the way... Feel free to leave a comment with 5 things that made YOU smile this week. Here we go, yo!

1. A *very special* Easter package from my sis, I love you Becky!!
2. Waterballoon volleyball
3. Strawberries at Liborio for $0.99/lb.
4. The beautiful yellow wildflowers on the hills around Covina that I see as I drive on the 10 fwy.
5. Cute kids that I saw at work, especially this toddler that kept waving and saying "Hi" to me. Who could resist smiling at that??
5.1 Receiving comments on my blog!!


Ms. Liz said...

hmmmm -
5) Jazz and Fondue at the same club
4) my brother's pictures of the latest drunk hes proselyted to in North Carolina
3) My mom telling me to give her a "high-14" and then proceeding to repeatedly slap my wrist
2) my girls singing their hearts out at their high school's spring concert
1) the sunset on Monday

Mitchell3 said...

5) My Lil Sista's blog
4) Sharing the baby news
3) Bringing lunch to the Murrays on their moving day. The new house is a big time upgrade from their last place.
2) Strawberries and fresh pineapple. (Jennette -Brian shares your taste for pineapple) More for me.
1) Listening to Lil B's baby gibberish
Love you too Jennette!! Keep postin.

Nicole Bullock said...

1. Seeing my dad's steady improvement in the rehab center
2. Flying from SLC-MSP in first class
3. Eating at Cafe Rio, Hires, Leatherby's, and Costa Vida on my trip
4. Seeing Nathan McEuen perform twice
5. 3 of my friends had babies