Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Words of "Experience"

This weekend a friend and I drove through the town of Daggett to get some awesome shakes at Peggy Sue's Diner. The name of Daggett reminded me of the familiar expression of my parent's, "dagnabbit," and I used it as I thought we had missed the diner. In honor of my mom's recent birthday, I want to share some other words (most of them exclamations) of "experience."
I'm trying to refrain from the term "old fashioned."
If you have parents/relatives/friends that have other "words of experience," feel free to share them. Here is just a sample. Please forgive the spelling, as I don't come across these words very often:

shiminey louise (one of my favorites)
for the birds
golly willickers
Holy Toledo!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's almost time...

I was reading my sister's blog and I realized that it's about that time of year again. I'm not talking about the "post-Valentine-breakups-leaving-everyone-single-for-a-summer-fling-until- the-end-of-the-year-holiday-hook-ups-and-dating-and-engagements-begin" time. It's much, much better than that. It's time for...
Girl Scout Cookies!!

Is there any thing better that happens in March??(unless you are a college basketball fan)

I like all of the cookies, but my favorie are the Samoas, or whatever they are called, because I guess that name is not PC. It's the chewy, chocolately, caramely, and best of all- coconutty- goodness that is like a legalized version of crack for me. As much as I love the Dreyer's ice cream version, it hardly has enough pieces to get enough of the buzz that such a cookie brings.

Why must we "Beware the Ides of March" when there are wonderful cookies to enjoy??

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Food For Less at 11:35 P.M.

This may seem kind of weird having a second consecutive post about shopping. And it's a bit weird because it is not one of my favorite activities. Maybe I just have a little "blogger's-block."

Last night I had to make a stop at the grocery store to pick up some frozen corn for a FHE-related elbow injury. There were probably about 3 other shoppers in the whole store when I entered. A positive feeling enegized me at such a late hour. I felt like I practically had the store to myself. Like I almost owned it. No carts to go around or collisions to avoid from turning around blind corners. It was almost powerful enough to sing along to U2's "In the Name of Love," but I settled for lip syncing. And there was hardly anyone to stare at me.

Maybe I should always do my shopping at 11:30 at night all the time.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Dollar Store Discovery

A few weeks ago I was getting new tires on my car and had a bit of time to kill. I could have planned this a little better so that I could be killing time at the mall instead of the shopping center across the street. Oh well... Part of that time was spent in one of those "Everything's a dollar" type stores. My inner child wanted to go to the toy section because that must be the most entertaining section of the store. You'll never know what you'll find, like my Crespo (Argentine soccer player) bobble head and a squishy miniature kidney key chain. I really wish I had a camera/camera phone to capture these discoveries, but you may have to check them out yourself:

The first item is something called "Grow-ems," those little toys that you put in water and they expand. There was "The Perfect Husband" and the "Perfect Wife". On the packaging it said that she will never nag you or run up your credit cards. And she was purple. I don't get that, especially since the man had a normal skin tone. So, if any of you are reeeeally desperate this Valentine's Day, this could be an option...

The second item that got my attention was a finger puppet. There were some finger puppets based on a couple of stories, being "1001 Nights" and - this is it - "The Emperor's New Clothes." It was the Emperor I was a bit concerned about. Fortunately this finger puppet was not anatomically correct, but still... I guess there was a reason I didn't have my camera. If I posted a picture, would it be considered puppet porn?