Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Twilight" Impressions

I realized that my last couple of posts were a bit somber and I hope maybe this one will help lighten up the mood.
Last weekend I was invited to watch "Twilight" at a friend's house. I had never seen it, nor read the book, but I figured I should catch up with the pop culture of 2009 and see what all of the hullabaloo was about. It was what I expected. No surprises. I knew that since this was going to be a part of a series, most of the movie would lack plot and focus more on the introduction of characters. This led my mind to be distracted by little details like these:
* Edward Cullen (the vampire), for as much attention as he seems to be getting, seems like nothing more than an obsessive, creepy, albino. Not that I have anything against albinos, I just think they went overboard with the "pale" look.
* I can't understand why Bella (the girl) seems like she always has her mouth open. Why?
* "It's anaphase...take a look for yourself" one of my favorite lines. I am a nerd. Maybe because it seemed like one of the most intelligent lines of the movie. The planarians brought back some memories of invertebrate zoology. Awww, flatworms...
* I also can't understand why Bella has such a problem with speaking/narrating in compound sentences. What's up with the pauses?
* The nasal cannula has always been a standard prop for any hospital scene. Why couldn't they put it on right? It always looked like it was going to poke her in the eye or something.
* I do give props for the Pacific Northwest scenery, it was quite beautiful and a little eerie at the same time, but a good setting for a vampire movie.


Rachel said...

I have promised a friend I would watch this movie, even though the book made wish I were illiterate.

And the reason why the plot was so weak was because the original material is so weak. There is about 30 page of actual stuff going on and 300 pages of Bella looking into Edward's eyes.

Quixotic Healer said...

Lol, Edward's make-up really bothered me, as well as both main characters' delivery. Bella sounded depressed, and Edward sounded stupid.

I blame the director....and the screenplay writer....and the fact that they based the movie on a book where the plot is mostly emotional.

Andrea said...

After reading your post and Rachel's comment I think I'll skip this movie and the book. Thanks for saving me some time!

Heath said...

I just don't understand what all the hype is about this book/movie... every once in a while I feel like maybe I should give it a try because so many people seem to LOVE it, and they keep recommending it to me.
So, thank you for yet another reminder that I need to trust my own opinions and not listen "everyone" else.