Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Road Trip Snacks

Last week I drove from California to Utah in 11 hours. This was pretty good, since I had some crazy rain, drove an acceptable "legal" speed (those cops in Nevada and Southern UT are always on the prowl), and hit some traffic in Vegas. Plus I had an unhappy cat in my backseat to motivate me to get to my destination as soon as I can. This did not leave much time to stop for food and I had resorted to my granola bars that I brought along with me and some brief browsing of the shelves at gas stations. This brings me to my first snack and a mini-review:

Welch's Strawberry Fruit n' Yogurt Snacks: Initial impression: yogurt covered fruit snacks. I had been on a yogurt raisin kick the week before, so it beckoned to me, and I thought, why not?
Pros:It was actually healthier than what I expected. Low fat, 100% Vitamin C and 25% Vit. A and D with a small amount of calcium, iron, and protein too. The taste was okay (brother commented that "it's alright"). It was actually made from fruit puree (first ingredient) rather than the artificial gumminess that I was expecting. The grape was a little overpowering to the strawberry flavor. Bag fits conveniently in arm rest/cup holder for mindless snacking. When combined with a granola bar and a Vitamin Water, held me over quite well for a few hours.
Cons: Some people may not like the grittiness from the fruit puree. The white appearance of the yogurt on the front is deceptive, it's actually a light brown. I wouldn't recommend eating the whole bag in one sitting (I did not attempt this). This could lead to some digestive issues.

A couple other foods that I discovered that were actually quite good: Sobe's Orange Creme drink and Chex Mix Turtle bar. Good, good stuff. Maybe I'll discover something new when I drive back to Cali later this week.

So, what's your favorite road trip snack?


Nicole said...

My absolute favorite road trip snack (which is not available on the east coast) are those Gary's original big caramel popcorn balls. The Sinclair on Cheyenne Road in North Vegas almost always has them, so that's our typical stop (plus there's a JITB and a decent restroom) I also like peanut butter/chocolate rice krispy treats, cheese chex mix, jelly beans, and a big cup of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Mitchell4 said...

I knew you would like the SoBe orange drink. It's like the dreamsicles half n half icecream bars. I personally go for the beef jerky and a cherry 7- up or A&W cream soda. Nothing chocolate cuz of course it'll melt. Good for you for being healthy. Remember the bags of fruit we would take on trips to Utah growing up. Mom would have her cashews/trail mix and Dad would have his Peanuts.