Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This was a first...

It happened. It was only a moment, but I cannot take back a thought. I could have quickly replaced this thought with a song, a recent joke, name off cardio drugs, or recite the alphabet... but I didn't. It was out of frustration and impatience that this thought was born from. It was this:
"Why did today have to be a national holiday?"
Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against MLK Day and I have NEVER once in my life took a holiday for granted. True, the post office would be closed and I could not mail off my bills as soon as I wanted to meet their deadlines. And the library was closed, so I had to go 36 hours without internet access. But it was when I thought another day would go by without hearing any progress from potential employers. The answer to whether I would be offered a certain job or not (the same job that I have gone through a 5 week+ application/wait/interview/wait/call to check on status/and wait another week). And there were those last (I really mean last) resumes that I sent out on Friday that I know would have no hope of being looked over until at least Tuesday. More waiting... I could also add the fact that some people may be in a post-innauguration day daze and may even find today to be an extended holiday and an excuse to not get anything done. Blast.

After this silent, mental rant I went on with my less-than productive day...

There must be some kind of penance for having a vile thought as this... I know it will come in the future when I do actually have to work a holiday. Forgive me, all ye employed readers who would give their left kidney for a day off!

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