Monday, December 29, 2008

Technology Decade

I got this idea from Nicole and thought it would be kind of fun, especially to see how slow I am in catching up on technology. It's also kind of ironic that right now I am reading Don DeLillo's White Noise.

1998: AOL account, applied to college online (UC online system was a disaster)

1999: Received my very first PC desktop (Y2K compliant of course.)

2000: Survived Y2K, not much that I can recall...

2001: First DVD: "It's a Wonderful Life" birthday/Christmas present from roommates.

2002: Was on my mission all year, but the Church did allow email for all missionaries around the world. My parents probably would not have heard from me much otherwise.

2003: Not much this year, introduced to the concept that people can download and copy CD's.

2004: First cell phone, still have my Nokia old skool model. Last time I will ever use an overhead projector. First time making a Powerpoint presentation.

2005: First laptop, digital camera, Amazon purchase, and USB drive (no more floppy disks)

2006: First MP3 player. Myspace account.

2007: First Palm Pilot. First YouTube experience. Introduced to electronic medical records (not available in all clinics)

2008: First blog, blog-stalking, Guitar Hero/Rock Band experience, and Facebook account

What will 2009 bring? I'm thinking of possibly updating my phone, that was my goal this last year.

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Nicole said...

Nice list. It's amazing how technology fads change so quickly. Just think of a few decades ago when it was the big deal of the decade to upgrade to an ELECTRONIC typewriter.

I'm glad I didn't have to live through life without a computer within my household at any point in time.