Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Little B!!

Technically, my nephew Brian's 1st birthday was yesterday; but due to recent circumstances (exam) and the fact that it is exactly 1 year today when I came home from Alaska and found out that he was born the day before, I don't feel as bad. We did have a pre-birthday celebration for him, his mom, and his other aunt a few weeks ago. I love this little guy!
During his first year his Aunt J introduced him to the mountains, snow, the Huntington Library Gardens, the cat, USC, some silly faces, and lots and lots of auntie love and kisses. We'll see what this next year brings for him (other than the title of "Big Brother").

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Mitchell3 said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes Auntie J. I'll post a better comment when I'm more awake. I can't believe you have to wait like 3 weeks to find out about your exam results. I know you did well. But still.