Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I was inspired by a friend and fellow blogger who has used her blog as a force for good to share her happiness with others. I shall attempt to do the same and see if I may have a bit of influence on other people's lives. Oh the power....muuuahahaha!! So here are just a few pearls of wisdom and experience I would like to share and maybe bring some enlightenment to all those who may stop by:

Sondre Lerche
In honor of the upcoming Norwegian Independence Day, I would like to highlight one of the musicians of Norway. He has a indie/folk/acoustic style and his lyrics are fun. He's the third song on my playlist and if he sound's familiar, he has sung and composed music for the "Dan in Real Life" soundtrack. There's a few other Norwegian musicians I'll probably highlight in future posts.
Hold Off On the Q-Tips
This one is more like a public announcement and it must be said!! Over the past few months I had quite a few patients tell me that they didn't know they shouldn't use Q-tips in their ears. The last time I went to the doctor I was asked about how I clean my ears. I think there may be a crackdown on Q-tip usage, so beware!! They are okay to use on the outside of the ear but there's a saying that nothing larger than your elbow should go inside your ear. A couple reasons: 1) Crud is just being pushed farther back, and you risk damaging your eardrum 2) You can irritate the inside of your ear which can lead to dry skin, itching and infection. There's also the memorable story from Dr. Van DeGraaff: college student + Q-Tip in use + ringing phone = permanent hearing loss in ear. So, you may be wondering: how do I clean them? Other than our natural mechanisms (sneezing, etc...) you can occasionally use a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and later in the shower let the warm water do it's thing. Cold water can be uncomfortable. There's also this way where you burn a long, cone-shaped "candle" and let physics do it's thing. I know a guy who did this during a first date. It's true, and it wasn't his last one with the girl either. A little earwax is fine, it offers some protection and it's an insect repellent too. Sorry if you're grossed out, but onto other things...

Northern Exposure
I fell in love with this show last year. Maybe because it has to do with a doctor in Alaska, or the early 90's nostalgia, but it was a hit back in the day and had won several Emmys. The reruns in southern CA run on the public television network most weekday nights at 10pm (no commercials) on channel 24. The series is also available on DVD.

Getting the Most Out of Life Tip #17
The next time you find yourself in a furniture store or office superstore, find the most expensive chair and sit in it. A moment of pleasure and luxury for free! I discovered this while I was waiting for some files to be printed up in a Staples store in Palm Springs a couple years ago. It was SO nice!

Best wishes in your pursuit of enjoyment!


Rachel said...

I'm so glad you're recommending things now!

A few comments

1.) I LOVE Sondre Lerche. My sister saw him open for a band years ago and bought his CD and shared him with me and I've been indebted ever since. He's lovely.

2.) I love Q-Tips and it's going to take a lot more to convince me to stop. Even after a very painful ear-cleaning/impromptu disco dancing incident where I ended up writhing on the bathroom floor.

3.) Northern Exposure was probably one of the cleverest shows of all time. I love that they show it on PBS now.

Nilla said...

So, in response to your comment on my blog :)... I actually considered putting "Perfect Strangers" up there, but since I had mentioned it in a post I did back in October, I didn't. And honestly, I had a moment where I wasn't sure if I could blog-stalk you anymore on account of you having had an Urkle poster... Haha, just kidding. Well, sort of ;).

Your q-tip thing made me laugh. That dude that cleaned out his earwax on a first date. That's pretty darn gross, though. I don't even think I'd want to see my husband doing that, much less someone I was out with for the first time. Ick.