Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Catching Up

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post so I should probably do some updating. It's been quite a ride this past week.
1. I found out that I will be having a second nephew. Now Little B. is going to have to share his title of "Cutest Nephew Ever!" He's still set to make his arrival in October and things are looking well so far.
2. My sister arrived after a very long flight with Brian. She was quite tired. It took Brian a few minutes to remember who I was but I think he caught on. On our way home I pointed and said "Mountain!" (Not too many of those in Alabama and I took him there the last time he was here). He pointed towards the window and said "Ah-deet". He still melts my heart everyday. He's crawling, babbling, and poking my nose now. He's growing sooo fast!
3. I had a friend from Northern Cali come and visit and it was good to see him again. I hit the health science campus one last time and had lunch at one of my old post-exam lunch spots - King Torta.
4. Oh yeah, I had this thing called graduation. It was the beginning of a very long day. A very hot day with the temp hanging around 100. And of course I am in a black long-sleeve gown with a seat in the first row of the section directly beneath the sun. I forgot how much sun-burning toes hurt. It was an early morning and I left around 6:15. I found that my sister had decorated my car, it was so sweet of her! I got there in time. One of the top-bananas of Disney gave a commencement address for the 10,000+ students that were there. All of the speeches throughout the day were great and inspirational. I also loved the band playing at the beginning and the end and all of us doing the "Fight On" sign. I had my program ceremony after that and strutted my stuff down the red carpet. Luckily didn't stumble like I was afraid I would do (especially being the first in line).
I love my classmates!! Yay us!!I thanked some of my friends, faculty and staff afterwards. My family was great and even made some posters with "Rapper J" and other things on them, and of course, my nephew was my biggest fan.
I couldn't help showing him off. My family and I took some pictures and we left about 1:30. After a cold shower I did some final preparations for my open house that night. It was good to see so many familiar faces again. I have so many wonderful people in my life, I am thankful they were able to come out and celebrate with me. We had lots of food, including my homemade empanadas that many have raved about for the past few days (I took some leftovers to a church potluck). Great times had by all. The day didn't end for me until about 1:00 Saturday morning. It was still a "magical" day, as Mr. Iger put it, and a great end to my 20 years as a "student"
5. Saturday I slept a bit more than I had the past few days but I still felt a bit tired. I escaped the 104 degree heat and went down to the coast and enjoyed a shake at the Shake Shack of Crystal Cove.
6. I went to a wonderful wedding reception for some friends and saw more wonderful people. More good times.
7. Saturday night I celebrated Norwegian Constitution Day or also known as Syttende Mai. This was the first official celebration that I have been to for it. More wonderful people, more great food, more good times. I think my Norwegian ancestors would be proud, with exception for my boot-throwing ability. One event of the night was a boot throwing contest that began in the apartment parking lot. I was doing a practice throw and the boot ended up landing in the cab of a pickup truck with a loud "thud". Most of the people ran and tried to hide and we tried to muffle our laughter. The boot-throw was moved to the Walgreen's parking lot and my next throw was much better that time.

So now it's been a few days since that crazy week/weekend. I finally went back online after a nearly four-day absence (that's rare for me!). I had the ceremonial changing-of-the license plate-holder. I feel as though I have recovered energy-wise. Still enjoying my nephew. Still eating leftovers. Still working on some thank-you cards. Still studying hard. If my posts seem less and less frequent, it probably has to do with my studying. Less than 1 month until my big test. Uggg... I probably will write a post on that in the future just to let you all know I am still alive. Until next time...


Nilla said...

What is with the temperature out there? I thought Alabama was hot! I guess since we're humid it seems particularly bad.

I didn't know Becky is having another boy! Did she announce that on her blog? And I missed it somehow?

Empanadas?! I have a wonderful empanda recipe too! It takes forever to make them, though, so I don't do it often...


The Terry Family said...

What a week! Sun burned toes hurt! ouch! I always get the hair part sun burn (equally as miserable).
Congratulations on your graduation!! You are awesome!!