Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Next Big Goal

My next big goal is the Bataan Memorial Death March, which takes place in White Sands, New Mexico every year. Every year, thousands or people from around the world -- military member, civilians, amputees, children, adults, and the elderly-- participate in a march in memory of the soldiers who survived and died during the 60 mile Bataan Death March during World War II after they were forced to surrender to the Japanese. The intro to the movie, "The Great Raid," offers a good summary of the events of the Bataan Death March. It's a bit heavy, but pretty honest too.

Some of my military friends are forming a team to participate. We've been practicing for the last month every Saturday morning on Transmountain Road and through Franklin Mountains State Park. I've decided to be on the "light" team (just carrying water) because I really haven't been able to "PT" everyday and this is my first march, but I did try the 35 pound ruck sack the last time and it wasn't too bad (of course it was only for a little more than half of the 10 mile practice hike we did). Maybe I'll build up. We'll see.

This was after the weird November snow fall going up Transmountain Road. A perk of training on Saturday mornings and enjoying quiet, lovely views like these. A lovely view of Texas and New Mexico (Soccorro, far left)
For more information on the Bataan Memorial Death March, you can go here. Does anyone want to join me??

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I broke out some of my very few Christmas decorations (mainly a few nativity scenes and a tree from Target) last week.

I also got a lovely poinsettia that was left over from the Holiday Ball. I guess it was one of the perks of staying until the end and dancing the night away. I told my fellow PA that we should cancel sick call on Monday to go to Legal Services to account for damages to the dance floor bece WE TORE IT UP!! And I was sober too. There might be someone out there who is waiting to black mail me with video of my moves, so beware!

A couple weeks ago El Paso was hit with a freak snow storm. It wasn't that bad, it's just that El Pasoans are not used to snow. A few days later there was another storm but it mostly left EVERY road (including I-10) covered in ice! I think I wore out my guardian angels that day as I did a little "gliding" on Fred Wilson Blvd early that morning. Of course I didn't get the message that the base was going to open up two hours later that morning.

Another tid bit, one job I'm really glad I don't have: the security gate people. Yeah, they have looked pretty cold recently. Maybe when I roll down my window to hand them my ID, I momentarily blast them with a little Christmas music and heat. It has warmed up since, so don't let a little cold weather deter you from visiting me in the "beautiful" city of El Paso!