Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ideas, Anyone??

I'm approaching a big milestone in my blogging life...the 100th post. I was wondering if there was a special topic I should do to commemorate my 100th post like I have seen other people do. Should I do 100 random facts, top 100 of something, post a question and get 100 comments (I like comments), etc...etc...?? Let me know and the one I choose will get a free mug. Well, maybe not, but at least a shout-out and maybe the respect of random strangers thinking, "Good one..."

Please comment, please...


Amber said...

100 words that describe . . . . you, your life right now, things you love, etc

Quixotic Healer said...

100 things you are grateful for?

....too cheesy?

How about a 100 word rap?

Mitchell4 said...

I don't have any ideas but I'm wanna hear what everyone elses ideas. Or wait. Let's see.... 100 most odd, strange, funny, happy, inspiring memories from your childhood. Which shouldn't be hard cuz you remember EVERYTHiNG.
Did you tell the story how your Band teacher sat on you? They don't have to be lengthy. Just quick short onliners. maybe two.

Mitchell4 said...

oneliners ONEliners sorry it's 2 am.

Rachel said...

How about you list your favorite numbers between 1 and 100.

I'm useless.

Bonnie's World said...

wow jennette you have an amazing blogs no matte what! so what ever it is im sure it will be fantastic!

Mr. Hall said...

I say you should post 100 things about military life that you were not expecting. Or 100 ways to stay feminine in the military. Or 100 people that you would like to kill as a soldier (I know that sounds horrible, but I am sure you could find access to a list of terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden and create a list that moral people would support you in). Or 100 reasons the Angels are going to beat the Dodgers in a Freeway World Series (of course they have to beat New York and Philiadelphia respectively first). Or 100 topics that you could choose to write 100 topics about (it looks like you have got a good list started if you add everybody's suggestions). Or 100 reasons why Brett should stop typing NOW!!! :)

Heath said...

My suggestions:
100 reasons people should visit you
100 ways to kill someone
100 random pictures taken in TX
100 strange things you've eaten

100 reasons I miss you