Tuesday, May 12, 2009

27 Days

Yep, that's 27 days I have until I leave California. I am trying to compile a list of things to do or places to go before I leave.
So far:
1. I went to the beach twice this weekend. I loved it and it hit me how much I'll miss it. It included a couple adventures, including a lifeguard coming up to us saying he received a complaint and proceeding to lecture us on the no alcohol/no smoking rules. It was hilarious since most of us were silent for about 90 seconds. Another beach-goer approached him and said that we were the wrong group and he apologized profusely. It was pretty funny. Maybe I'll throw in one or more beach trips before I go.
2. I had In 'N Out twice last week and I'm sure it won't be my last. My body is starting to revolt against fast food, but it may have to be patient. See #6
3. I will be attending my first Dodger's game next week. It's about time.
What I still need to do:
4. Go to the Getty. Haven't been yet and it's been on my to-do list for years.
5. Enjoy LA. Maybe see a concert or something. Anyone know of any shows?
6. Have a Tommy's Burger. I've never been there and it was brought to my attention recently that I must go there before I leave.
7. Get all the greenery I can. Maybe a quick camping trip or some hiking. Plus the exercise is good and needed.
8. I still have some more dancing left to do at the Coffee Depot on Monday nights.
9. A quick trip to San Diego. I'll probably go to the AAPA conference for a day or so and enjoy the beautiful, non-arid weather.
10. Last and certainly not the least: enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Anyone have any more ideas? Does anyone want to join me?


the freshmaker *ting said...
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the freshmaker *ting said...

i still cant believe you are gone in 27 days...so sad...and while i am in a state of shock i can't believe you have never been to the GETTY! what! girl,you have to go . As for the shows my sister and I, and possibly Liz are planning on going to a small venue to see THE DEARS you are welcome to join us. its on the 23rd(?) in LA only 15$ it should be fun. Just went down to SD for mothers day if you stop in Coronado there is this fabulous burger joint called the "Burger Lounge" on the main drag. We SPLIT a cheeseburger with grilled onions, 1/2 fries 1/2 onion rings and a chocolate malt. so yummmy. if nothing else the malt was to die for ...(thought i would add that to your food menu) sounds like you have quite a list and there is just way too many things i would miss to list; so enjoy :)