Thursday, October 16, 2008

On a lighter note...

A couple weeks ago I moved to an apartment. I guess it's my first long-term (more than 6 weeks), all-bills, non-roommate living situation. I've been lucky to get some second hand furniture from the fam and won the battle of the couch with my Mom (it was easier to get her when she was in a good mood and thousands of miles away -- "Ask your father.." Victory!!) As of last Thursday I finally had a place to sit, woohoo!!! I'm still patiently waiting for a table and some chairs. I figured I'll get more "less-needed" stuff such as a television after the post-Thanksgiving or post-Christmas sales.
I think I'm now starting to miss television.
I thought getting by without it would be great for me, I can have more time to pursue other things, less temptations and distractions. I've gone for longer times without it. Now that I go home for lunch I don't get my daily mind rot of "Maury," but I am starting to miss watching the news and being caught up with things going on. I completely missed all the fun of the presidential debates (there's always the internet, I guess). There are those few other shows that I do miss. I had a funny thing happen last week. As I was locking my front door to run an errand, I heard the voice of Steve Carrell subliminally beckoning for my attention. I turned around and from my second-floor door step, I could easily glance into one of the neighbor's living rooms on the first floor across the way. Their sliding glass door was open and I could hear and see "The Office" so clearly on their big screen television. I stood by my doorstep for about a minute or two in my "Office"-induced daze until I realized that this could look very bad. Could my love for "The Office" drive me to become a voyeur? A peeping Thomasina? This would not be a good way to make a first impression with my neighbors.
There's always repeats. And DVDs. My dear "Office," I have not forgotten thee. We just need a little time apart. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. On to more productive uses of my time...

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Mitchell3 said...

I couldn't believe you were able to get Mom to cave with her couches. Your probably right about the miles apart thing making it easier.
No TV huh? Glad to see that you have such a positive attitude about it. I wonder if you can see The Office shows via the internet.